United Pacific Bank has been in business for 41 years and has withstood several recessions. We are conservatively managed; our loans and deposits are well diversified. Both our capital and liquidity are strong and exceeds all requirements of our Regulators, which formed a firm foundation of our bank and is more than able to withstand an economic or financial crisis. Thank you for placing your trust with United Pacific Bank and we will continue to operate under the safest and soundest methodologies for years to come.



General Security Tips

E-mail Scams: Phishing

"Phishing" (pronounced "fishing") is an online scam that involves e-mail that appears to come from a reputable company that you recognized and do business with. In some cases, the e-mail may appear to come from a government agency. Phishing e-mails typical warn you of a serious problem that requires your immediate attention. The e-mail may encourage you to click on a button to go to a phony web site that may look exactly like the real site. The site may ask you to update personal information for verification. If you provide the requested information, you may find yourself the victim of identity theft.

Malicious Software

Malware are designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. These include spywares, computer viruses, ransomware, and Trojan horses. To avoid invasion of malicious software, consider adopting the following to boost the security level of your devices:

  • Install antivirus software and update virus signature regularly.
  • Do not open or click emails, SMS or social media content if you do not know is the email safe (including any attachments or inserted hyperlink).
  • Never download any software or files from untrusted sources.

Social Engineering Scam

Social engineering scam is a manipulation technique that exploits human error to gain private information, access, or valuables. To safeguard your interests, never release confidential or sensitive information to someone you don’t know. Avoid responding to any offers made over the phone or via email and use 2-step verification or biometric authentication for enhancing account security level.

To avoid becoming a victim, please visit the following web sites for more information.