United Pacific Bank has been in business for 41 years and has withstood several recessions. We are conservatively managed; our loans and deposits are well diversified. Both our capital and liquidity are strong and exceeds all requirements of our Regulators, which formed a firm foundation of our bank and is more than able to withstand an economic or financial crisis. Thank you for placing your trust with United Pacific Bank and we will continue to operate under the safest and soundest methodologies for years to come.



Bank Wire Transfer Services

United Pacific Bank offers safe and reliable domestic and international wire transfer services. Funds can be sent securely and quickly to any person and entity around the world.

Provide your Outgoing Wire Information in following Easy Steps

  1. The name and address of the payee (beneficiary) who you like transfer funds to.
  2. Provide the Paying Bank (beneficiary’s bank) information such as bank name, address, routing number (ABA), or Swift code (International Wire) and/or IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
  3. The Paying Bank’s name and address may include department or attention person’s name.
  4. You may add a message, instructions or memo information to the Wire Transfer Payee.
  5. Indicate the fund is in U.S. dollars or foreign currency which exchange service is available.
  6. Sending a wire is quick and easy, just contact your local UPB Branch to initiate your wire request.

Our wire transfer service is an electronic transfer of funds makes remittance easy, secure and efficient domestically or internationally, even in foreign currency.

For your convenient, see Outgoing Wire Form attached.